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Art Director and Creative

Heir of Generation X, MTV, Nintendo and Nirvana. Trained at the Escola Massana. She designs innovative image to your product and brand.


Finance Department

If it is said that you need to know about economics to understand the world, ask her about it. If there is money in between, Fina controls.


On-line marketing and Community Manager

She will do everything in her power to introduce to the market your brand and your product. 


Production Departament

He is Master Yoda. He is a bit old and that's why we take advantage of his wisdom. He is the visionary and he started in the world of graphic arts when no computers were involved.



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We do

L'Estudi BCN is led by Gemma and Marina Formoso two sisters got allong splendidly, born in the insides of a Graphic Arts Industry and now we join forces to create Graphic Design Studio and Strategy Communication for companies. 

It all begins in the nineties when our parents, Luis and Fina, take the challenge to build Fotomecánica Índex. In a very young age our father started working in a photomechanical. He entered at the retouching department where Photoshop did not exist and therefore everything was done by hand and chemicals. Later, he works as a photographer and retoucher for advertising and collaborating, for example, for El Periódico Newspaper. Our mother is the daughter of a printer in Gràcia distric, a woman with good taste in clothes and sophisticated. She studied business Administration and she is the best with numbers. 

Índex was a pioneer in the industry of Graphic Arts. They were the first to digitize retouching and make it a commercial technique. Our father had, and still has, an special feeling to convert a poor image, defective, or incomplete and turn it into a beautiful picture. Therefore, both the European and Catalan Assosiation of Graphic Arts award Índex several times for innovation and quality. Over the years they work for organizations such as the MACBA, MNAC, La Caixa Foundation and the Picasso Museum and major fashion labels, bridal wear, swim wear or jewelry. So as you can imagine we have grown in the middle of pallets of paper, printer inks, art books, photography, fashion catalogs, or, yes, posters of Dragon Ball! 

Following the family footsteps Gemma studied graphic design at the Massana School and has inherited a taste for retouching and special skills for creation. Marina studied Film and TV and Journalism. Hes forte is communication, whatever the format, although photography and social media are its strengths. 

Currently, l'Estudi BCN is integrated by all of the members of this story of family and busines. Together we create a corporate image for your company, produce and post-produce artwork for your products and finally we present your product to the market to pick an optimal position. Please don’t hesitate in contact us for an interview and we would be very grateful to work together!